What's The Difference Between International Schools and Normal Schools

Whether you are planning to transfer your child to a new school or enroll them in school for the first time, the odds are that you are wondering whether you should take them to an international school or a regular school. While each school has its benefits, the truth is that international schools in Thailand are way better than traditional ones.


Chornobyl Children's Project discusses the differences between international schools in Thailand and traditional schools in this guide. 




Regarding the facilities, Thailand international schools have the edge over the normal ones. Unlike the public schools in Thailand, most international schools have state-of-the-art facilities and resources.


These schools have invested in many facilities to help students achieve their potential. For instance, international schools have advanced laboratories and classes to help students excel in their studies.


Not only that, but such schools have also invested in recreational and extracurricular facilities such as theaters, swimming pools, soccer fields, and athletic tracks to allow students to develop their talents. 




Thailand's international schools have high standards. To ensure these standards, international schools in the country must employ qualified teachers worldwide. Unlike public schools in Thailand, international schools only use highly-qualified and experienced teachers.


These teachers go through a laborious vetting process to prove their competencies. Even after they are employed, they also go through continuous education to improve their schools. 




Unfortunately, many parents don't stop to think about the community when choosing a school for their kids. What they fail to understand is that the community plays a vital role. Students in schools that foster a sense of community tend to perform well than their counterparts in schools that don't value community.


Since international schools admit learners from all walks of life, they tend to provide a stronger sense of community. Furthermore, these schools have developed programs to help students and staff appreciate each other. 


Final Thoughts


There you go, the differences between international schools in Thailand vs. regular schools. From the preceding, it's safe to say that international schools are better than regular schools.