Tips For Growing A Healthy Growth Mindset In Your Children

Carol Dweck is the proponent behind the idea of growth mindset. She has spent decades researching about the beliefs that bring forth success in school, career, and overall life. Carol has led to the realization of the fact that the brain is plastic. What this simply means is that it’s always growing and developing.
As a parent, it’s satisfying to know that the talents of your child aren’t fixed. Their brain can always accommodate new ideas, grow, and stretched.  What this means is that your child may be bright in some areas such as language acquisition or arithmetic. Due to everyone’s genetic make-up, children may have some abilities that are inborn or none at all.  Thus, you kid’s abilities and talents, keep evolving over time. 
Therefore, it’s important for a parent to enhance a growth mindset in your little one.  How can a parent develop such a mindset in their children?  Here are some simple ideas that will help you get started:
Learn to praise the effort and strategy used in an activity rather than the results
Put an emphasis on the process that your children have gone through to get to the result. Use words like “You gave this so much of your time to actually get it right”. This kind of approach, also referred to as praise, will help your children realize that success is more than just the results. There is a process that is equally important. 
Be on the look out for chances that trigger your child’s imagination
Encourage your children to think critically by making their activities a little engaging. For instance, boys love sports and with time, they may grow their talents on such. Motivate them to learn different types of games instead of focusing on just a few. 
Be honest with your children 
Giving your child an honest feedback in regards to their performance will not only help them get better, but also enhances a growth mindset. Often as a parent, you may be afraid of giving them honest feedback because of the fear of hurting their confidence. But this can be handled by being keen on how the feedback is provided. 
It is vital that parents assist kids’ emotional development a growth mindset in order to enjoy the rewards of brain plasticity in their life so that they are not limited by traditional belief systems.
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