Things to Consider While Choosing an International School

If it’s your first time moving broad, you may be giddy with excitement as to how the adventure will go for you at your new post. But you’re not moving alone. You have to uproot your child from an established life and routine to whisk them to a different corner of the planet. 
One thing you can cross off your list of worries is schooling. There are a variety of schools that offer international curricula, allowing your child to pick up where they left off. But how can you know which is best for them?
1. Accreditation.
This is the most important requirement of an international school. Accreditation ensures that the curriculum being taught at the school is held to high standards and is articulate. 
There are a number of accreditation bodies but two of the most popular are the Council of International Schools and the International Schools Association.
2. The reputation of the school.
Even before leaving home, you should conduct a web search on particular schools in the city or area you are interested in, say an international school in Bangna. There are bound to be reviews by parents, teachers and students alike on the general goings-on of the school. This will give you a clear picture and help you narrow down your list.
3. Culture of the school.
The best way to find this out is to visit a specific school you have in mind. Find out from your guide what the atmosphere is like, the academic performance and other traditions like extra-curricular activities, and what kind of relationship the students have with their teachers.
4. What technology is on offer.
We currently live in a world with computer technology at the core.  A proper international school will have recognized the importance of computers and taken steps to providing the students with a proper computer laboratory and related resources.
5. Extra-curricular activities.
International schools are renowned for focusing on holistic development of students. To this end, they may include activities such as sports, music, theater among others to help the students develop their interests. Find out which school offers the activities that match the interests of your child.
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