Reasons for Choosing International School Thailand

Looking for the best International School Thailand?  American School of Bangkok (ASB) is probably the best option if you are interested in acquiring quality education with a slant towards American Curriculum. The curriculum is exceptional since it is designed from an international perspective. This means that students at this institution are exposed to strong courses that are recognized across the globe. There are also other benefits that can be attained by the students who enroll at this institution.  


ASB prides itself in offering exceptional American curriculum that has been designed from an international perspective. The institution has over 30 years of producing graduates who have been absorbed by some of the world’s most reputable universities like University of British Columbia, University of California, University of Washington, Harvard University as well as Tokyo University among others. Most of the graduates who have enrolled at these institutions have been awarded full scholarships for outstanding performance. ASB also boasts of Advance Placement (AP) program that is designed to offer a wide selection of courses that are also available across many institutions of higher learning across the globe. The curriculum is also tailored in such a way that it stimulates intellectual, creative, emotional as well as physical development of the students so that they can be masters of their destiny upon completion of their studies.    

To complement its international status, ASB also boasts of boarding facilities at its Green Valley campus. These are meant to accommodate students from different backgrounds and they are also designed to create a perfect learning environment. Boarding facilities at this institution promote interaction among students from different places so that they can learn from each other. The other notable aspect is that International Preparatory Golf Academy (IPGA) is also located at the institution’s Green Valley Campus. This golf academy is the best in Asia and it is designed to offer world class training to aspiring junior golfers by experienced professionals. The aim of the academy is to help the juniors realize that sport is also a lucrative profession that that can improve their welfare in different ways. 


If you looking for the international school in Bangkok, Thailand for you child please visit The American School of Bangkok