The Process of Mindfulness Meditation

As human beings, sometimes we get caught up in an array of whirling thoughts concerning work, family life, or even school. In some cases, we focus too much on our past or how the future could be that we forget to live in the moment. Focusing too much on the past could trigger anxiety and as well hold up your joyfulness. However, when you are more cognizant, it becomes easier to handle these thoughts while leaving in the present.

What is mindfulness meditation?

It is the practice of training the mind to bring you and your thoughts in the present. This practice basically involves self-awareness, body and muscle relaxation, breathing as well as imagination.

Simple mindfulness meditation practice

Learning this practice is straightforward; therefore, the following steps should help you get started.

•    Put on comfortable clothes and get a quiet place

•    Put aside past and future thoughts and be in the present

•    Pay attention to your breathing

•    Remain calm as thoughts come and go, whether good or bad

•    Let your mind wander and get carried away in your thoughts

•    After 20 minutes, give yourself some time to reawaken your body then gradually get on your feet. Hurrying out of practice could ruin your rumination and leave you feeling moody.


•    It improves your sleep

•    Lowers stress levels

•    Banish negative thoughts

•    Lowers anxiety

•    Increases your attention

Incorporating mindfulness into your daily life

There are plenty of daily routine practices that offer chances to run-through mindfulness meditation. They include:

•    Working out

•    Driving

•    Brushing your teeth

•    Doing the dishes


Mindfulness meditation requires persistence and determination to master it better. With time as you continue practicing, you will notice that you are calmer and patient than you were before. These changes might occur in other aspects of your life, as well.

If you are looking for Mindfulness Meditation training please visit The Mindfulness Academy of Asia (MAA) is a new subsidiary school of The American School of Bangkok, specializing in the teaching and learning of mindfulness in education.