Navigating Admission Processes at International Schools in Bangkok

For Thai and expat families who have moved to Bangkok and want their children to attend International School Bangkok, Bangkok has a wide variety of international schools to choose from along with facilities and an effective curriculum, but choosing a school must be planned and carefully considered for a good future for your children.


Research and Selection

Before enrolling at International School Bangkok, researching and finding a school that has the right qualifications for your child to enter is the most important thing because choosing the wrong one may waste time and cause your child to fail. Factors to consider are the school's curriculum, learning environment, location and facilities.


Application Timeline

The application period for each school is different. Parents are advised to plan early, approximately six months to a year before your child's entry into school. Some schools have specific application periods, so if you're interested in a school, keep an eye on the application dates.


Application Requirements

International School Bangkok generally requires the following documents for application:

1. Application Form: Complete the application form for enrollment, which can be found on the school website or can be picked up directly at the school.

2. Student's Records: Prepare transcripts and reports from your previous school to submit to the international school you wish to apply to.

3. Recommendation Letters: Send a recommendation letter from the teacher or director to the school to confirm the student's personality and academic performance.

4. Passport and Visa: Copy of student passport and visa or residence permit

5. Medical Records: Some schools require medical records, including immunization history and health certificates.


Assessment and Interviews

International School Bangkok conducts interviews to assess students' academic and language readiness because international schools require English for learning and communication. In addition, there may be other tests such as mathematics and English.


Visiting the School

If possible, visit the school before applying to check the learning environment and feel if the school atmosphere is suitable for your child to study or not.


Acceptance and Enrollment

After the evaluation and interview process, the school will notify families of their admission. If your child has been offered a place to study. You will receive an acceptance letter stating the registration process, tuition fees, and other requirements.


Key Tips for Parents

Starting with the application for your child to attend International School Bangkok, you must plan your school selection early in order to get the most desired schools, especially well-known schools that have many people wanting to attend. And you should check the required documents carefully and completely. In addition, you should find a backup school in case you are unable to apply for a place to study.