Keeping Safe in Bangkok

Every major city has its share of dangers, and Bangkok is no different. However, there are some things that people with children in international schools in Thailand can do to stay safe.

One thing that those with children in international schools in Bangkok will need to be wary of is false tuk-tuk drivers who hang around major tourist sites. These schemers will prey on unsuspecting tourists and expats by declaring that the site is closed, or closed off only for foreigners, and will offer to take you somewhere else instead. Many times, they take you to false gem stores that sell you worthless goods at exorbitant prices. Often, these schemers speak reasonably well English, as they know their victims are mostly foreigners. If anyone offers to lead you away from your destination because it’s “closed,” ignore them and continue on your way.

Another potential safety issue for someone with a child in an international school in Bangkok is thieves. In particular, jewelry thieves are a big problem. Jewelry thieves in Bangkok have become quite adept at taking jewelry from you without you even noticing. Even if you’re traveling on a bike or tuk-tuk, many of them know how to swipe your jewelry from you while you pass by. And it’s not just women who have to worry about this; any men with watches, necklaces, or any other form of jewelry are just as vulnerable. It’s best to keep your jewelry safely tucked under your clothes, or not even wear it in the first place.

Those with kids in international schools in Bangkok need to also be aware that pickpockets target other things besides jewelry. In particular, if you are in a busy area with your mobile phone or other expensive piece of electronics out, you may become a target of pickpockets. What’s worse, some pickpockets may target kids, since they often have such electronics out. Always keep any electronics you have with you in something that can be closed, like a purse or a case. And make absolutely sure that your kids do the same.

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