International School in Bangna: Gateway to Opportunity and the Future

ASB's International School in Bangna is a well-known educational institution located in the Bangna area. Bangkok The school is committed to providing a high quality education. Help shape and develop students into global citizens with knowledge, abilities, and readiness to be successful in the future. Let's see why ASB is such a popular school.


Curriculum and teaching
At ASB’s International School in Bangna, we use an American curriculum that covers teaching similar to the curriculum in America, with all classes being taught in English and a strong international focus. The school focuses on integrated learning, encouraging students to think analytically, solve problems, and communicate effectively in English.

Activities and Facilities
International School in Bangna has a central area allowing students to engage in a variety of activities outside of the classroom covering sports, music, art and academics. Additionally, the school has modern facilities to support the needs of students.

Learning environment
The spacious grounds of ASB International School in Bangna provide a ready environment for students to learn. The school is committed to creating a safe, supportive and encouraging learning environment where students enjoy learning and are always ready to learn.

Team and teachers
The team and qualified teachers at ASB’s International School in Bangna have a lot of experience and dedicated to teaching. Only certified foreign teachers are available, so the teachers at the school are of high quality and are committed to helping every student reach their full potential until they graduate.

Students who come to study at Bangna International School come from many different nationalities. This allows students to experience an international learning atmosphere, talk and meet foreign friends, and exchange cultures. It also helps students understand. The culture is different from that of Thailand and makes people like to help others, have compassion for others.


ASB’s International School in Bangna is an excellent choice for families who want to provide a high quality international education, molding their children into knowledgeable global citizens, giving them opportunities to multi-talent and ready to succeed in the future. Let them learn a lot.