International School Bangkok – the ideal place to grow


When searching for an international school Bangkok for your children, one that should be on your list is the KIS International School. It is situated in the centre of Bangkok, and offers exclusively the IB or International Baccalaureate programmes. KIS is known for its top quality education and high academic curriculum, going so far as to receive accreditation from the Council of International Schools; authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization and partnering with the Washington International School which is an IB World School, Washington, D.C.


A big part of the education at KIS is about building strong confidence in the pupils. Teachers work constantly to ensure a child’s education, their safety and well-being being vitally important. They follow the Learner Profile list of attributes for each child. The Learner Profile is usually followed in a period of 10 weeks where children get to focus on some exemplary character traits in each week. These are:


  • Being principled – always trying to the right things
  • Being reflective – thinking about what you say and do and working to improve
  • Being balanced – work and learn hard, but play hard and have fun times
  • Taking risks – trying out new things even when unsure about them
  • Being a thinker – believing, imagining and understanding from experience and learning
  • Being a communicator – expressing ideas confidently; working well with others
  • Being knowledgeable – remembering that what you learn is of importance to the world
  • Being caring – not hurting humans or animals from inside and outside and  helping them at all times
  • Being open-minded – listening to and respecting other ideas and beliefs even though they might be different to yours. Understanding that different does not mean wrong
  • Being an inquirer – learning by asking questions, discovering and then even asking more questions


  1. International School stands for knowledge, inspiration and spirit – exactly the reasons why this school is considered a top school to give your children a positive outlook and a solid foundation to start their lives.