5 Incredible Reasons to Study Abroad in Thailand – Foreign Kids

All the great perks promised by international schools in Bangkok could have motivated your decision to enroll your children at one of them. But, what you probably won’t know until your little one graduate is some fantastic benefits this decision will unlock. 
Your child will have learned the vibrant culture and allure of the region, forged new relationships with the locals and ultimately experienced the world in a broader perspective. More importantly, here are some five incredible reasons why you should enroll your children in an international kindergarten, middle school, or high school. 
1. Bigger scope of the world at a tender age 
It expands your little one’s scope of the world, both academically and in other aspects. For the kid, experiencing new customs, cultures, and ways of life could go a long way in boosting creativity once he or she returns home. A widely traveled kid can mature quickly and even go ahead to rise the professional ladder later in life. 
2. Getting better quality of education
To keep their levels of education high all the time, international schools often have to incorporate different programs. They often teach a variety of co-curricular activities, including the local language. They also offer top-notch student services which boost the overall kid’s experience within the institution, allowing a seamless transition into college and university later. 
3. Greater chance of landing a college or university admission
Even if you are a foreigner, your child can still study at a local Thai university and successfully graduate. Not everyone aspires to attend the US or UK-based university. Besides, Thai universities are among the best ranked in Asia and have been experiencing an increase in foreign admissions. 
4. Bigger career opportunities
After finishing 12th grade and later graduating in college or university, a student who studied his or her elementary or middle school in a school in Bangkok can seek employment within Thailand. That, in addition to having the right qualifications to get a job in the US or England, is a massive win for the kid. After all, there’s no harm coming back to work within the large international schools sector!
5. Better, all-rounded person
After building lasting relationships, embracing the local ways of life and pretty much picking the positives of one’s native culture and the Thai culture, there’s no doubt your child will develop well. It’s a huge benefit that often serves as a competitive edge in various fronts later in life. 
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