Advantages of Learning in Bangkok International Schools

International schools are revered worldwide for providing quality education and an excellent learning environment. This is the case if you enrol to international schools in Bangkok


Here are the benefits of studying in Bangkok international schools.


International Curriculum


One of the standout features of international schools in Thailand is that they follow an international curriculum.  The most significant advantage of this system is the continuity it offers of your child moves to another country.  They do not have to waste time familiarising with a new syllabus.
Another advantage of the international curriculum is its holistic approach to teaching. Besides classwork, it equips children with essential life skills such as open-mindedness, assertiveness and critical thinking. 


Multilingual Teaching


Before joining an international school in Thailand, your child has to be proficient in English. If they are not, they will have to improve their skills because it is the primary language.
After learning English, students have the option to learn other major languages such as French, Mandarin, German and Italian, and so on. If you are a local student, you can also learn the Thai language. 


After School Programs


As much as academics are the primary objective of going to school, non-stop classwork is boring. It can also hurt the performance of your child. International schools in Bangkok have an array of after school activities to break the monotony of classwork. 


During the first years, students can participate in sports, art, music, and so on.  This aims to help them identify their talents at a young age. It also diversifies their interests beyond classwork. 


In high school, the students are introduced to clubs. The clubs are essential in improving communication skills, assertiveness and teamwork.


Residential and Field Trips


The best way of learning is by incorporating both theory and practical lessons.  Students in Bangkok international schools get the opportunity to apply theory by going to several field trips during the academic year.  They also nurture their social skills by interacting with outsiders.


Residential trips are excursions that aim to improve interpersonal skills and teamwork. During these, students do community services such as cleaning and planting trees. They also organise environmental awareness campaigns.